Scratches? Ha!

Our liquid nano-coating protects you.

Buy Phone Armor Vial Pack


The Good Stuff

  • Instant Application

    Just apply a couple drops to your screen, rub it in with the included microfiber cloth, and let it dry - all done in 5 seconds!

  • Long-Lasting

    Lasts as long as your phone. Your phone's screen will be much more scratch resistant for life. Your vial is good for 4 applications too!

  • Invisible

    Unlike hard screen covers, Phone Armor is completely invisible, and is nanometers thin. Your phone will look and feel exactly the same - minus the scratches, of course.


Is Phone Armor non-toxic?

Yes, Phone Armor non-toxic. 

How many phones can one vial treat?

Up to 4. It may be less if you perform several coatings on a single phone.

Is Phone Armor just for phones?

No, you can use it on any similar glass surface for electronics. Make sure your other screen is glass, and not plastic, before applying.